Friday, 10 April 2015

Forex Tutorial For Beginners

Today, I will give you a little knowledge or tutorials about trading forex! if you have interest and have plan to make investment in forex industry, you should pay attention on this lesson! cause I am sure this tutorial will give some value in your future investment! before we talk about forex more further please read this page to knowing the history of Forex from  ok, lets start the tutorial shall we ;)

First of all, if we want to learn about forex, or anything, always start with the basic! maybe basic bored you to death! but for sure, it can help us to understand better! without basic, our process could be ruin! and everything will part into pieces! that's why most of us if we want to learn about anything or something, it must start from the basic! in forex basic stuff also important! because it can help you to understand and improve your ability to understand our investment with clear point and view! simple because we know the basic!

some of you must be, have question right ? what is forex basic ? there's few thing and stuff that every trader should know! e.g Forex Term, Forex Analysis, Forex money and risk Management, Forex Psychology, Forex Strategy and etc. to be honest with you we can skip Term stuff! and focus to to strategy or analysis! but if we do that, we will have a problems! the reason very simple! when we want to learn about forex, the most reasonable place are forum! in forum usually people talk about forex and strategy! and worse part is, most of them using weird language like alien language :) lol and if we don;t understand about forex term, we can't understand what are they talking about! that's why as beginner you should learn about Term! try this page Invetopedia Trading Term

after read and understand about forex term, next step is learn about analysis! there is 3 analysis in forex! e.g Technical, Fundamental and Market Sentiment! knowing 2 at minimum or 3 much more better! to learn basic try this page BabyPips in there you get something about what to learn and what analysis that you should know! if you already know about analysis next step is, Money management and Risk management! this is very important, that every trader should know! Forex Investment without implement good money management and Risk management, our investment can disappears! in a matter of days! Money management in forex basically about small lot or small bet that you afford to loose! meanwhile Risk management in forex are about stop loss or limiting your loses! when we deal with market sometime they don't have any mercy! it mean they can move against your trade up to 100 point in a few minutes! that's why put stop loss in our trader are very important!

The last part is about how to make profit with good strategy! try this weird blog that talk about forex strategy Forexabiz basically every trader have their own holly grail strategy! most of them using different strategy, and it depend on knowledge they get! some trader prefer with price action! and some trader prefer with economic news, such as news trader! in nutshell, every strategy works as long it make profit for them! no matter what strategy that you use, as long it make profit, to be honest, I don't care to much which one! all we care it make profit! and that's it!